Utilities & Services

Some things you need to know if you are a resident or business owner in Killam:


  • Natural gas is supplied by Sedgewick Killam Natural Gas System (SKNGS)
  • For natural gas emergencies contact: Iron Creek Gas Coop at 780-384-3762
  • Utility billings, which include water, sewer, natural gas, and garbage are issued monthly
  • Gas & water meters are read at the end of each month
  • For sewer and water emergencies contact the Killam Public Works at 780-385-3783

Monthly Charges on your utility bill include:

  • Gas Service Charge - $25 + GST
  • Gas Consumption - Use varies monthly per property
  • Carbon Levy (Federal) - $3.327 per GJ consumed
  • Garbage Collection - $35 (single residential dwellings)
  • Sewer Consumption - per $1.10 / m3
  • Sewer Infrastructure Fee - $20
  • Water Consumption - per $1.85 /m3
  • Water Infrastructure Fee - $20
  • Water Service Charge - $2.50

Utility bills may be paid at the Killam Town Office by debit card, cash or cheque, through Vision Credit Union or ATB Financial, by internet / online banking.  E-transfers can be sent to:  bills@town.killam.ab.ca  Monthly payment plans may also be arranged, please call the Killam Town Office at (780) 385-3977 to do so. 

* Due to high service charge costs, credit cards will not be accepted for utility or property tax payment.

Payment for utility bills are due on the last day of the month. Outstanding accounts nearing 60days will be notified via mail, followed by a "door knocker" notification, should there be no response.  No payment will result in disconnection of services (gas and water).  Charges for disconnect and reconnect for gas are $50 each, disconnect and reconnect for water are $100 each.

Conversion:  220 gallons = 1m3  or 1000 gallons = 4.54m3

Bulk Water Sales

Killam has a Bulk Water Station in operation that is located west of the Co-op Bulk Station along Highway 36. In order to utilize the station, an access card is required. Please contact the Killam Town Office (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm) at 780-385-3977 for set up information and a pin number. You will be billed monthly as per water usage.

Please Note: you must supply your own 3 inch cam-lock hose for filling.

Charge: $8.00/m3 or $36.32 per 1000 gallons (as of April 1, 2014)

Garbage Collection

Fridays are regular scheduled garbage collection days for the Town of Killam. This service is provided by Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management, who may be contacted at: (780) 384-3950 for any service questions or concerns. More details can be found on the "Garbage & Recycling" tab.