Garbage & Recycling

Garbage Services

Residential Garbage Pickup

Garbage sevices for the Town of Killam are provided by Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Association. Residential, household garbage pickup in Killam is scheduled for Fridays.  Please have garbage placed outside by 7:30am as drivers may not always use regular pickup routes and times. Billing for regular residential and business pick-up is added to the monthly Town utility invoice.

Garbage must be properly bagged and each bag should not weigh over 20kg. Residents are allowed 4 garbage bags each week. Watch the local newspaper for changes in pickup schedules prior to upcoming holidays.  Reminders will be posted on the Town of Killam Facebook page, notification by Killam APP or check the Flagstaff Regional Waste website at:  They may also be reached by phone at  (780) 384-3950

Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Landfill Site 

Phone Number: (780) 384-3950
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - Noon and 1:00pm - 4:00pm                    
Saturday:  8:30am - Noon and 1:00pm - 4:30pm

The Landfill is located approximately 6 miles north and 2 miles east of Sedgewick. FRSWMA prefers that all customers take Range Road 122 in order to access the main landfill. Should you have additional refuse you would like to dispose of, all residents within Flagstaff County have access to this service.  Some extra charges do apply. FRSWM also can provide a temporary dumpster for those renovations or big clean outs.  Please contact the Landfill Site for the details and costs. 

Rural Address: 45125 RR 122
Legal Land Description: SW 11-45-12-W4

Transfer site Locations in Flagstaff County


Grass Clipping & Branch Bins

The Grass Bins are located south of the Killam School / Killam Health Centre- near the Water Treatment Plant.
The bins for grass clippings are located beside the water treatment plant, behind the Killam Hospital and School. Please ensure that only grass is emptied into the bins, no garbage bags please!  Due to popular use, the bins will be emptied on Fridays and Tuesdays. Please do not use these bins for branches or garbage! The bins are supplied and emptied by Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management. If bins are full, please call 780-384-3950 to report it.

The Branch Bin will be located in the same area as the Grass Bins (at the Water Treatment Plant, south between the Killam School and Killam Health Centre).

A "Branch Bin" is located in the same area as the Grass Bins, but is an enclosure that is to be used for branches throughout the season.  This area is NOT intended for trees or stumps (these should be taken to the regional Landfill site).  Branches are "chipped" and the mulch is available for Residents to use.  Please contact Public Works at 780-385-3783 to make arrangements.

Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins are located outside of the Killam Public Works Shop (located along Highway 13, west of the John Deere dealership).  Bins are in place for Cardboard, Newsprint, Office Paper and Tin Cans.  A yellow, Rigid Plastics bin has recently been added.  For details of what can be accepted, follow the attached link from Flagstaff Waste. The bins are clearly labelled and are now accepting the following sorted items.  These bins are maintained by Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management.

Please sort all items properly and disperse them into the appropriate bins

Bottles & cans - the Killam Bottle Depot is located at 4926-50 St.- access is from the back alley.  Updated hours can be found on our Killam Business Directory tab.

What to Recycle