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Investment Co-op Organizational Meeting

2015-02-17 14:30:43

Please join us for the next step in proceeding with the proposed Investment Opportunity Co-operative!

An orgainzation meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at the Killam Agriplex Multipurpose Room, beginning at 7:00pm. 

For more information, please feel free to call Kim Borgel at (780) 385-3977 or talk to one of the members of Killam's Town Council!

Investment Co-op Survey Results

2015-02-09 14:24:13

Thank you to all who took the time to do our Investment Cooperative - Invest in Your Community Surve!.  Survey results have been tallied... with the outcome listed as follows:

       Invest in Your Community….   Questionnaire Results Feb 2015

  1. Are you in favour of a community led & funded organization to develop projects?

     YES - 51      NO - 4

  1. Would you be willing to invest in such an organization? 

     YES - 39      NO - 13

  1. Did you attend the Opportunity Development Co-operative Information Night on November 3, 2014?

    YES - 14       NO - 37

  1. Do you believe there is enough support to start a Co-operative in the Killam community?

    YES - 39       NO - 10

  1. Would you be a willing to participate in the start-up of a Co-operative board?

    YES - 23       NO - 26

  1. Would you be willing to be an ongoing member of the Co-operative board?

    YES - 24       NO - 23

  1. There were many ideas on a “first” project – please prioritize the projects listed below as you see fit:
  1. Adult/Senior Housing Condominium -  9
  2. Affordable Housing - 4
  3. Apartment/Multi-family Housing - 3
  4. Daycare - 13
  5. Medical Clinic - 2
  6. Professional Building - 2
  7. Assistance to people wanting to start-up a business - 9
  8. Assistance to people for succession planning -
  9. Other - 1 Aquaporin Greenhouses set up in each community to provide fresh vegetables and fish for local communities, lodges, restaurants, stores, and any excess is sold outside the county of Flagstaff by the Coop. Organic, and healthy food for all our communities.
  1. Do you believe this organization should be used for Killam projects or be more regionally based?

     YES - 31      NO - 12

  1. Would you like more information on an ODC? If yes, please leave your name and  contact information.

     YES - 7           

Other Information Provided:

NEW! Killam Hall Rental Calendar

2015-01-15 08:42:29

We are excited to have a new calendar online for those people interested in booking the Killam Community Hall fror their special event!  See if your date is available, and decide on a backup date at the same time!  Then just call the Town Office (780) 385-3977 and we will confirm the date and get the booking process underway!

To see the Hall Booking Calendar - go to the "Rental" tab - the calendar is located under the Killam Community Hall Section!

Killam Fire Department Awards

2015-01-15 08:36:28

Killam Fire Department and Rescue hosted their annual awards night on Friday, January 9, 2015, recognizing the dedication of their volunteer members.  This year, awards were presented to Jim Clark - 30 Years of Service, Rick Krys - 20 Years, Scott Haugen - 5 Years, and Jim Wells was welcomed as a New Member!

2014 Department Roster:  Joe Knievel (Chief), Gordon Thompson (Deputy Chief), Rick Krys, Ken Fleck, Bill Pedersen, Jim Clark, Bob George, Andrew Plan, Chris Bell, Gary Smith, Scott Haugen, Ken Towers, Braedon Zayonce, James Moser, Troy Zieffle, Cyril Lindesth, Trevor Partridge, Trevor Levitt, Ian Strachan, David Dubourt, Bryce Borgel, Ariana Vanderberg, James George
Jr. Members: Dylan Eskra, Nick McCarthy, Stephan Rawluk


Winter Weather Preparedness

2014-12-24 09:00:36

Alberta blizzards are equal to the ice storms of Ontario.  Winter storms have the ability to immobilize a community, sometimes for days at a time, leaving you with no power, no heat and extreme road conditions.  Have a 72 Hour Emergency Kit ready - be prepared!  Kits are easy to make - most items are already in your home... but can you locate them quickly if you needed them?

72 HOUR EMERGENCY KIT (For your Home) - Use a large duffle bag or backpack and store in a safe place.


    *    Water—at least 2 litres per person per day         *    Specialty items: prescription medication, baby

                                                                                                       Food, Pet food

    *      Food that won’t spoil: canned food, energy        *    Extra keys to your car or house

            bars and dried foods.                                       

    *      Manual can opener                                              *    Cash—$5 and $10 bills and change

    *      Flashlights, candles, matches or lighter             *    A whistle

    *      Battery powered radio (extra batteries)              *    A copy of your Emergency Plan,

    *      First Aid Kit                                                                    (include contact information)

     RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL ITEMS (should you have to evacuate):

    *      1 change of clothing for each household member           *     Camp stove and fuel

    *      Household chlorine, water purifying tablets                      *     Utensils

    *      Toilet paper and other personal care supplies                  *     Duct Tape

    *      Sleeping bags/blankets                                                     *     Garbage Bags

     *   Basic tools (hammer, pliers, wrench, screwdrivers, fasteners)                                                                                

Winter storms and excessive cold claim over 100 lives each year in Canada.  Keep you and your family safe by being informed and prepared.  Have a plan in place.  Make sure your vehicle has an Emergency Car Kit for cold weather.  If you are able, stay put during a winter storm. Use caution when it comes time to shovel out. 


For more information, go to: - or Town of Killam website at: for links to important information.


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