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Summer Employment

2019-03-20 09:28:11

Summer 2019 Employment Opportunities

1 Parks Attendent  (May 1 to August 30) - Outdoor park and general work, must have a valid drivers license as well attending a Post Secondary Insitution in the fall of 2019. Proof of such may be required.

1 Recreation Summer Fun Coordinator (May 1- August 30) - Duties include coordinating programming for Summer Fun Camp for Children ages 4 to 10. Must be attending Post Secondary Insituation in the Fall of 2019. Proof of such maybe required.

1 Recreation Summer Fun Assistant (June 28-August 30) -  Duties include assisting the Coordinator and implementing the Summer Fun Camp programing for Children ages 4 to 10.


Deadline for applications is April 1,2019


Please send resumes and position you are interested in to:

Town of Killam, Box 189,  Killam, AB, T0B 2L0
Fax: 780-385-2120

2019 Killam Business License

2019-03-18 13:01:03

Drop by the Town Office with your completed 2019 Business License form - it only costs $20!  The forms can be downloaded from our website (click on the icon below), picked up at the Office, or a copy will be mailed to you with your December utility bill. If you have any further questions, please give the Office a call at (780) 385-3977

Don't miss this opportunity to help promote your business on the town of Killam website.  Should someone call the Town Office (which really does happen quite often!) looking for the name or phone number of your business, we will be able to pass it along! Business Licenses are due for renewal by February 28th


Melting Snow & Sidewalks

2019-03-18 12:59:14

It's looking like Spring may just be around the corner!

Temperatures are finally moving higher, so with that comes the melting of the snow that has accumulated over the last 4 months.

Please be aware of the conditions in your area.  The Parks areas may seem unchanged, but it is likely that underneath the snow is a pool of melted water- especially along the creek bed! Ensure children and pets are not left unattended.

Additionally, the mounds of snow are melting onto sidewalks and walkways (as water follows a path of least resistance).  Please pay attention to these locations and walk cautiously.  These conditions normally only last a few days, but are frustrating to all,  the adjacent Property Owner, the Towns Public Works and the Pedestrians!

Still busy at the Killam Agriplex facility...

2019-03-18 12:38:06

It's getting down to the final weeks for our local hockey teams!  Check the "Recreation" Tab on our website,  or click on the link below for details of when teams will be playing at the Killam arena!

You still have time to get in a few games before spring is here!

Killam Arena Schedule

You can also find  numberous other activities that are going on in the Killam Agriplex! From Public Skate and Swim times,  aquasizes, lane swims, or yoga mats in the pool!  It's worth taking a look at! Click on the picture below for more information!


Care A Van

2019-02-11 13:35:31

FFCS and FIRST have partnered with the community of Flagstaff and its Towns and Villages to be able to provide this amazing service!

In order to assist local residents of Flagstaff with out of town medical appointments, the Care-A-Van project can provide a means to transport the individual to these appointments. In addition, the van comes equipped with a Volunteer Driver!

The requesting family is responsible for:

If you would like more details about this opportunity, please contact FFCS at 780-385-3976.



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