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NEW Fire Service Fee

2020-03-06 13:21:04

The Town of Killam will now be charging a Fire Service Fee of $15 on your monthly utility bill.

The cost of maintaining and operating Fire Services within Killam will be approximately $39,000 for 2020. In the past, these costs have been incorporated into the budget  -  that were in turn collected through property taxation.  This being said, some of Killam's largest buildings/users are government operated and are therefore deemed as property tax-exempt.  This means that hospitals, schools, seniors lodges, etc. - are not paying property tax, and therefore are not sharing in the expense of helping provide fire services within the Town.

By implimenting the Fire Services Fee to the monthly utility bills, ALL properties will now be paying toward this vital service. By moving  these fees to monthly billing, it  takes the expense away for the amount of funding that is required to be collected through property taxes.  In turn, this shift will then be reflected in the municipal portion of the annual property taxes.   

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call the Killam Town Office at 780-385-3977. 

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