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Branch Bin Reminder

2019-06-17 13:08:36

Please be aware that the the intent of the Branch Bin, facilited by the Town of Killam for Killam Residents, is to provide property owners a place to deposit branches from their yard clean up.  These branches are then chipped, and wood chips are then available to residents for their landscaping/mulching needs.

Things that CAN NOT be put through the wood chipper - and therefore are not to be put in the Branch Bin - include:  Fence Boards, Fence Posts, Metal Pins, Plastic Containers and Tree Trunks. 


These items can be taken the the Flagstaff Regional Landfill site, or deposited at an open Transfer Station.  Please contact Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Managment for more information regarding locations, dates and open times. Call:  780-384-3950

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