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Curbside Recycling

2017-05-01 11:06:14

Killam is excited to be part of a pilot project in conjunction with Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management to host a Curbside Recycling Program for our community! 

Residents and Businesses of Killam will enjoy the convience of having recyclables picked up once a month (this will take place on the first Thursday).  Recyclables are to be placed in transparent blue bags that can be purchased at any retail store that sells garbage bags.  The bags will be picked up in the same location that you put out your garbage - please do not put the bags in recepticles or garbage bins.  There is not limit to the number of bags you put out! 

Items that can be recycled include:  Hard Plastics - #1 thru #7 - typically your food containers, washer fluid jugs, etc
                                                         Tin or Aluminum Cans - Soup cans, pop cans, tetra packs, milk containers, etc
                                                         All Clean Paper - office paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogues, etc
                                                         All Clean Cardboard - moving boxes, cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, etc.

Please ensure that containers and cans are rinsed clean.  Collapse all cardboard -large boxes can be placed under your blue bags - no need to bag it!

NOT Recyclable:  NOStyrofoam
                              NO Plastic Bags, Film or Bubble Wrap
                              NO Plastic Clamshells

                              NO Glass
                              NO Food Waste
                              NO Soiled Tissue
                              NO Shredded Paper
                              NO Yard Waste
(this can be placed in the grass and branch bins behind the School/Hospital)

If you have further questions, please call Flagstaff Waste 780-384-3950

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