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Snow Shovelling Assistance

2020-01-16 09:09:55

A number of Killam Residents have contacted the Town Office requesting information for people who may assist them with snow removal or lawn care.  Please find a list of those who have responded to date.  If you are interested in having your name added, please notify us at (780) 385-3977 and we will add your information to the list.

Snow Shovelling or Lawn Care Assistance (updated Jan 2020)

Mark Meyers - Snow shovelling services
                      - Phone:  (780) 281-1757

Larry Gregorwich – Snow shovelling west of Main Street
                                  -  Phone: (780) 608-0504
                                  -  Email:

Carol Kinzer – Will shovel for Seniors Only - Phone (780) 385-3082

Tyler Krys  - Phone: (780) 385-3859

Lynn Rosaasen     - Snow blowing or lawn mowing
                               -  Within 2 blocks of  4914–48Street
                               - Please provide a 2 day notice if possible
                               -  Phone:  (780) 385-3959  Cell: (780) 385-4561

*Please Note:  This list has been created in response to a request from Killam Residents. Arrangements and determination of fees, for snow shovelling or lawn care, are between the Home Owner and Service Provider.  The Town of Killam will not be responsible for any financial retributions or property damage related for these services.



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