Building Permits & Process

Sometimes even the thought of building a new "something" can be overwhelming.  Here is a brief description of the process involved, permits that need to be completed and contact information for help along the way!

Building Permits (Town of Killam)

Demolition Permit

Development Permit (use for buildings & decks)

Fence Permit

Building Process Summary (Info)

Fire Pit Permit



The Town of Killam (TOK) requires that all new buildings (houses, garages, sheds, etc.), decks and/or fences to be constructed within Town limits comply with the guidelines set forth by TOK Land Use Bylaw #860 and therefore require a Development Permit.

An information package containing all the necessary forms and information can be obtained at the Killam Town Office.  If you have access to a computer and the internet, the Development Permits and Fence Permits can also be found on the Town of Killam website, at  (under the “Forms & Maps” tab). Development within the Town of Killam is facilitated through Scheffer Andrew Ltd.
To ensure buildings and structures comply with todays regulations and safety standards, Superior Safety Codes Inc.  provides the Town’s building inspection services. 

When do you need to complete a Development Permit?

A Development permit is required for all new building projects.  This includes houses, garages, decks and sheds. Structural changes to a building, that alters the outside size of that building or the current purpose of the building, would also require a Development permit to be completed.  Fence Permits are required if you are building a new fence on your property, or if you are removing an old fence that is being replaced with a new one. If unsure, please feel free to call the Killam Town Office.

Projects that DON’T require a Development Permits include:

 -  Maintaining or repairing any building, shed, deck or fence
 -  If you are making changes that involve the interior structure of your home/garage (altering your existing electrical or plumbing) permits will be    required from Superior Safety Codes Inc. - but not from the Town of Killam
-  The temporary erection, installation or use of machinery, structures or buildings (such as a construction trailer) that is incidental to the construction or alteration of a permanent permitted development
-  Landscaping where proposed grades will not adversely affect the subject or adjacent properties
-  Placing of flagpoles and other poles not exceeding 14.8ft (4.5m)

What is the next step?

When your development permit has been completed, please forward the information to Lorraine Belanger (Scheffer Andrew Ltd.) at:

 MAIL:                                                       E-MAIL:
    Scheffer Andrew Ltd.
     #102, 505 – 1ST Street SE                FAX:        403-526-7150
     Medicine Hat, AB   T1A 0A9              PHONE:  403-526-3434

Once your permit has been received, Scheffer Andrew Inc. will ensure that your project complies with the guidelines of Killam's Land Use Bylaw.  Our representative will be in contact with you if there are any additional questions and to notify you of the cost of the permit.  Please ensure your contact information and phone number is correct!


When your Development Permit is Approved…

Once your TOK Development Permit is approved there are still a number of steps that must be taken.  The Development Permit ensures that your project is within the boundaries required by the Town. The next step is to ensure your project complies to provincial regulations and standards. The regulatory inspection agency used in our area is Superior Safety Codes Inc.

Permits required by Superior Safety Codes Inc. include: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and a number of others.  Only permits that apply to your project need to be completed.  Packages from Superior Safety Codes Inc. (that include the permit forms as well as an information booklet) can be picked up at the Killam Town Office.  Alternately, if you prefer to get the forms from their website, the address is:

Contact Information:      Superior Safety Codes Inc.
                                             #3, 6264 – 67A Street
                                             Red Deer, AB  T4P 3E8

   Area Representative:  Roger Golby  Phone:  403.358.5545  or  1.888.358.5545

A full copy of the Town of Killam Land Use Bylaw No. 860 can be viewed on the Town website, "Bylaws and Policies" tab, or a copy can be obtained from the Town Office.

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