Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership

Killam has been a part of the Flagstaff Internmunicipal Partnership (FIP) since it was initially formed in 2003.  Originally, FIP comprised of one elected offical and one CAO from each of the 11 municipalities witin the Flagstaff County borders.  Since the Villages of Galahad and Strome have reverted to hamlet status and are now overseen by Flagstaff County, the membership continues:
                                                Flagstaff County

Ultimately, the purpose of this organization is to work together to generate more opportunities, allowing  for our communities to be more successful. Some FIP projects that have been effective for the area are: the Regional Assessment Review Board, the Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Battle River Alliance for Economic Development, as well as many combined opportunites for councils, administration, employees and boards.  For more information and details regarding the progress and projects made possible because of this group, view the partnerships own webside at:   https:flagstaffinterpartnership.com

In recent years the group has been focused on the exploration in creating the Regional Governance project. Initiated in 2013, and having progressed through a number of phases,  Flagstaff United is a site that has up to date information and progress that is being made with the venture. The progress made as of December 5, 2016, is presented in the attached below.


A series of Public Consultations, planned for  the following months of 2017, resulted in cancellation. An updated report was issued on behlaf of the board formed to work specifically on the Regional Governance project, in June 2017.  The new release can be found below.  Clink the link to view.

June 12, 2017 Release


With combined efforts of the participating communities, the exploration of the Regional Governance project has continued. The Town of Sedgewick has withdrawn from the Governance project.  In November 2018, New West Opportunities Inc. has been awarded the ongoing task of informing, as well as gathering feedback and input from the members of the Flagstaff County's area residents, about this project.

A number of public appearances are scheduled for November and December 2018, and a "Feedback and Questionnaire" are once again available for residents living and working within the  Flagstaff County borders to complete. Visit the website for more details.  MyFlagstaff.ca


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