Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership

Killam has been a part of the Flagstaff Internmunicipal Partnership (FIP) since it was initially formed in 2013.  Originally, FIP comprised of one elected offical and one CAO from each of the 11 municipalities witin the Flagstaff County borders.  Since the Villages of Galahad  and Strome have reverted to hamlet status and are now overseen by the County, the following membership continues: Alliance, Daysland, Flagstaff County, Forestburg, Hardisty, Heisler, Killam, Lougheed and Sedgewick.

Ultimately, the purpose of this organization was to work together to access greater funding opportunities for our communities.  For more information and detail regarding the progress made by this group, view the FIP Website,

A new Regional Governance movement is being investigaged by the group. Flagstaff United is a site that has up to date information and progress that is being made with the venture. The latest update, as of December 5, 2016, is attached below.

What's New!

Elections for Town Council

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Consrtruction is Underway!

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Lucky Route 13

Highway 13 tourism promo for motorbike enthusiasts... ...[MORE]