Current Bylaws, Plans & Policy

Town of Killam Policy Manual

The Town of Killam Policy Manual is a collection of formalized documents to define rules, policies and procedures guiding the operations of the Town.  Policies and procedures are approved by Council before being formally adopted. The TOK Policy Manual is divided into sections, and can be found below.

   Policy Manual Index   

  Governance -  Section 1 (A001 -- A008)     (A009 - A015)

  Policy Reference - Section 2 (B001-B006)  (B007-B008)         

   Finance & Assessment - Section 3 (C001-C008)  (C009-C026)

  Municipal Services - Section 4        

   Planning & Development - Section 5

  Facilities & Equipment - Section 6

  Administrative - Section 7

Financial Forecasts & Reports

3 Year Budget Forecast 2019-2021

  2019 Revenue vs Expenditures Report

   2018 Financial Review - Approved

Development Plans

Municipal Sustainability Plan
A plan, annually reviewed, that is intended to be a guiding document to provide direction for capital and operating budgets toward the long term goals of the Town of Killam.

   UPDATED 2018

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5 Year Capital Projects Plan - 2018
A document adopted by Killam Town Concil on November 19, 2018 with captial projects for upkeep of  roads, water lines and infrastruction over the course of the next 5 years.

Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 790)
A document addressing future land use and development, provisions of services and facilities, growth issues and coordination of infrastructure and transportation sysytems within the Town of Killam limits. (2009)

Intermunicipal Development Plan (Bylaw 842)
"The purpose of the IDP will be to ensure tht a coordinated and cooperative approach is in place for managing the use and development of lands adjacent to the boundary of Killam, within Flagstaff County." (2016)

Communication and Marketing Plan (2012)
A document used to assist in identifying a sustainable competitive advantage for the Town of Killam, guiding the development of a new brand and new marketing strategy to encourage growth.

Bylaws - Currantly Adopted:

Bylaw No. 859 - 2019 Taxation Bylaw

Bylaw No. 858 - Designated Officer, Assessor

Bylaw No 857 - Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw

Bylaw No 854 -  2018 Taxation Bylaw

Bylaw No. 852 - Council Code of Conduct

Bylaw No. 850A - 2017 Taxation Bylaw

Bylaw No. 846 - Road Closure
    Amending:  Bylaw No. 851 - Road Closure

Bylaw No. 845 - Penalty Rates on O/S Utilities

Bylaw No. 844 - Number of Council Members

Bylaw No. 843 - Plan 812 2252 Cancellation

Bylaw No. 841B - Master Rates

Bylaw No. 840 - Road Closure
    Amending:  Bylaw No. 848 (Road Closure Description)

Bylaw No. 839- Borrowing (Zamboni)

Bylaw No. 838- 2016 Taxation

Bylaw No. 834 - Municipal Planning Commission

Bylaw No. 832 - 2015 Taxation

Bylaw No. 831 - Borrowing Bylaw (Subdivision Services)

Bylaw No. 830 - Borrowing Bylaw (Land)

Bylaw No. 826 - 2014 Taxation

Bylaw No. 825A - Borrowing Bylaw (Tractor)

Bylaw No. 823 - Gaurantor Ag Society Loan

Bylaw No. 820B - Taxation Bylaw

Bylaw No. 818 - Borrowing Bylaw (1/2 ton Truck)

Bylaw No. 817A - Recreation Fee Bylaw

Bylaw No. 816I - Utilities Rates Bylaw

Bylaw No. 815A - Animal Control Bylaw

Bylaw No. 809 - Land Use Bylaw 

         Bylaw No. 810 -Land Use Bylaw Amendment 

         Bylaw No. 813- Land Use Bylaw Amendment 

         Bylaw No. 814 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment 

         Bylaw No.819 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment     

         Bylaw No. 821 - Land Use Bylaw amendment

         Bylaw No. 822 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 827 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 828 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 829 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 835- Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 837- Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 849 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Bylaw No. 853 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

         Updated LUB Map - August 2016

         Bylaw No. 855 - Cannabis Sales

         Bylaw No. 856 - SeaCans

Bylaw No. 807 - Borrowing Bylaw -Main Street 

Bylaw No. 806 - Municipal Emergencies Management Agency 

Bylaw No. 804E - Joint ARB - Intermuncipal

Bylaw No. 800 - Borrowing Bylaw - Pool Envelope

Bylaw No. 797C - Fire Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 790 - Municipal Development Plan (2009)

Bylaw No. 789B - Procedure Bylaw

Bylaw No. 787A - Area Structure Plan 

Bylaw No. 784 - Snowmobile Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 777B - Unsightly Premises Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 775 - Noise Control Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 773B - Traffic Control Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 767 - Utility Renter Bylaw

Bylaw No. 750 - Business Licenses

Bylaw No. 719 - Peddlars & Hawkers



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