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Commercial Properties Currently Available!

 3.14acres -  $42,000              12.23acres - $165,000         5.02acres - $67,500

These prime properties are located on the north side of Killam, adjacent to Highway 36! For more information, contact Karen Cannady at (780) 385-8795 or email: If you are interested in building a home, a number of empty residential lots are also available - Karen can help you with these as well!

Invest in your Community... Investment Opportunity Co-operative

The first project of the Killam Investment Cooperative is the Killam Adult Housing project.  A parcel of land had been set aside for this purpose a number of years ago, and interest has been shown in having it used!  If you are thinking about downsizing and spending more time in the sunshine during cold may be interested in this! 

If you are interested in investing in your community, please contact a member of the Investment Opportunitiy Co-operative Board for more information! 

Brenda Grove (780) 385-2391 
Kim Dammann (780) 385-2192   


Survey Results are In from the January 2015 Questionaire....          


The Town of Killam is investigating the idea of developing an Opportunity Development Co-operative that will give local investors an opportunity to stimulate economic growth right in our own backyard.

With an already proven track record, this type of community cooperative has all the ingredients for success and creates a win/win potential with endless possibilities. The model has been used successfully as a tool for adaptive reuse of existing and vacant buildings, succession planning, and the purchasing of local profitable businesses when faced with closure as well as developing new businesses which are not currently operating in the local area.

The BENEFITS are almost predictable:

The OPTIONS are endless:


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