Garbage and Recycling

Garbage Collection

Residential Garbage Pickup

Garbage sevices for the Town of Killam are provided by Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Association. Residential, household garbage pickup in Killam is scheduled for Fridays.  Please have garbage placed outside by 7:30am as drivers may not always use regular pickup routes and times. Billing for residential and business' is added to the monthly Town utility invoice.

Garbage must be properly bagged and each bag should not weigh over 20kg.  Watch the local newspaper for changes in pickup schedules prior to upcoming holidays, reminders will be posted on the Town of Killam Facebook page, or check the Flagstaff Regional Waste website at:  They may also be reached by phone at  (780) 384-3950

Grass Clippings Bins

The bins for Grass clippings are located beside the water treatment plant behind the Killam Hospital. Please ensure that only grass is emptied into the bins, no garbage bags please!  Due to popular use, the bins will be emptied on Fridays and Tuesdays. Please do not use these bins for branches or garbage! The Killam Transfer site will gladly take these items.

Killam Transfer Site  

Killam's Transfer Site is located east of Killam on Highway 13, just past the Viterra elevator.  The Transfer Site accepts regular household garbage, in addition to demolition/concrete waste, freon, metal, emply oil containers and barrels, oil filters, paint, plastic twine, propane bottles, clean shingles, siding and used tires.  Please be advised:  a minimum fee of $5.00 is charged at the gate (allowing for a 1/2 ton of household garbage).  For a full list of charges, please view the Transfer Site Fee Guide.

Batteries, Paint & Electronics are accepted  year round at the Transfer site!

Hours of Operation
Tues - 1:00pm - 4:30 pm
Sat - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Items not accepted at the transfer station include: Liquid wastes, Industrial process waste, Hazardous waste, Radioactive waste, Bio-medical waste, Automotive/Machinery hulks, Explosives, Toxic waste. Please call Flagstaff Waste Management for direction on proper disposal of these items.


All paper recycling bins located at the Town Shop yard have been moved inside the shop gates. Only the Cardboard bins remain outside.

A Commingled Recycling Program will be introduced beginning in July of 2014!  The program will see tin and aluminum cans added to the list of reclyclable materials already collected at the Town of Killam recylce bins.  Bins will now be color coded - so recyling will be made just that much easier!




Currently, the recylce bins available include:

**PAPER BINS - located at the Town Shop yard, on the west end of Killam 5913-51 Avenue

Bin "A" is for newsprint, flyers and glossy flyers - (NO PLASTIC BAGS, TWINE, STRING, CATALOGUES OR PHONE BOOKS)

Bin "B" is for printed and unprinted stock paper, photocopying paper (white & colored), accounting paper, envelopes, manilla envelopes,  
accounting ledgers, index cards, shredded paper, rice paper, card stock and construction paper - (NO CARBON PAPER, BOXBOARD, PLASTIC BAGS, TWINE, STRING, CATALOGUES OR PHONE BOOKS)

**MILK JUGS AND #2 PLASTICS BINS - located at the Town Shop yard 5913-51 Ave.

**CARDBOARD BINS (all cardboard must be flattened) - located at the Town Shop yard 5913-51 Ave.

BOTTLES & CANS - the Killam Bottle Depot is located at 4926-50 St.- access is from the back alley.   Open Thursday - Saturday


Blue Box Program
Contact 780-608-5723 for further information.

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