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Bylaw No. 837 - Killam Town Office - Tuesday, May 24 beginning at 5:00pm.

To amend the current Town of Killam Land Use Bylaw to rezone property that is currently zoned Residential District to Institutional District.  This change will then provide opportunity for the development of a daycare centre. This property is located on 47 Street. Please click the map for more details.



Bylaw No. 835 - Killam Town Office - Tuesday, May 24, beginning at 5:30pm.

To amend the Town of Killam Land Use Bylaw to rezone property identified by the shaded areas, located on the westerly limits of the Town of Killam.Please click on the made for a full listing of property locations and the intended zoning changes.



Life Without Compromise...

Killam is a thriving, vibrant town located within Flagstaff County, at the intersections of Highways 36 and 13 in central Alberta. Killam is an exceptionally clean, quiet municipality with welcoming residents that are committed to their community. Killam offers traditional "small town values" with the comforts you have come to expect in larger centres.

Whether you are looking to relocate your family, establish a business, or are a developer looking for an investment opportunity, Killam can truly offer "Life Without Compromise"… 


Convenient Services

Our amenities include a hospital, public school, RCMP office and a strong retail sector. We have excellent recreation facilities, including ice arena, indoor swimming pool, bowling, parks, golf courses, walking trails, a baseball park, and much more!


Excellent Location

Killam is located at the junction of two major highways, #13 linking Saskatoon and Edmonton, and #36 linking Fort McMurray with the major US border crossing at Coutts. The Town is situated on the CPR railway mainline from Winnipeg to Edmonton. Desirable property with either or both highway and railway frontage is available. In Killam, you are only a 1.5 hour drive to Edmonton International Airport, and a 5 minute drive to local airport


Abundant Water

Killam sits on the huge underground Belly River formation. A Town of Killam water study outlines the vast potential of this aquifer. Any industry requiring water would be well-served to examine a Killam location. A newly installed Bulk Water station can provide quality water and fast fill times for any of your business needs.


Thriving Agriculture

Killam lies in the heart of Alberta's grain belt and is central to large cattle and hog populations as well. Situated along the CPR railway mainline Viterra, one of the largest grain handlers in Canada, and Great Northern Grain, an independent grain buying terminal, offer local producers exceptional marketing options. Opportunities abound for agri-processing firms in such areas as pea-processing, strawboard, intensive livestock operations, and more.


Oil and Gas

Killam is situated near vast reserves of both oil and gas, offering fast and easy highway access to these fields. Killam is a place where workers and businesses can reap the economic benefits of Alberta’s prosperous energy sector, and still enjoy a fulfilling family life.



What's New!

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Location Change! Public Works BBQ

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Public Works BBQ

$5, May 20th, 11am-2pm, at Town Office...[MORE]